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Mission Statement[edit]

The Harwell WITCH serves as a unique and important step in computing history. With this in mind, the ability to study the engineering, math, logic, and computing pricinples used to create the WITCH should be part of educational experiences of todays students. Unfortunately, the WITCH does use extremely high voltages, is very large, and uses many components that are no longer available. In order to make the WITCH available to students, the replica projects aims are to create educational blocks that explain and/or demostrate core principles used in the design and implementation of the WITCH.

Project Goals[edit]

  • Logical Block Replication - wave forms and timings should replicate the original design as closely as possible.
  • 7400 Series Components - 7400 series components should be in every place possible to provide essential basics of operation
  • Portable - the completed design should be able to be easily assembled, disassembled, and stored for travel.
  • Stand Alone Operations - each replica block should operate as a stand alone education tool to demonstrate at least one aspect of the design.
  • Tutorials - Creation of tutorials, exercises, and lesson plans for usage in educational environments.
  • Licensing - All new documentation, design files, and components lists to be release under Creative Commons license.
  • Accuracy - the design MUST run all programs exactly as if they were run on the original

Prototypes Designs[edit]

Sim-assembly1.jpg Ee-fig4.jpg

Prototype designs were using off the shelf prototyping boards to test early principles of creating a WITCH replica. see the Prototypes Designs wiki page for more information.

Phase 1 Testing[edit]

Witch-e phase1 assembled.jpg
Phase I testing was done with three difference custom pcb designs and tested the base logic for transfer circuit, see the Phase 1 Testing wiki page for more information.

Phase 2 Testing[edit]

Phase 2 Testing is currently under development. see the Phase 2 Testing wiki page for more information.