Analogue Pocket Review: The Best Way To Play Game Boy Games

The Analogue Pocket is a brilliant handheld that makes Game Boy games feel new again.

Analogue Pocket – The Definitive Handheld Retro Gaming System? / MY LIFE IN GAMING

The Analogue Pocket has totally changed how we’ll be revisiting Game Boy, Game Gear, GBC, GBA games for a very long time. Let’s go over why its intensely detailed screen effects are so impressive, and much, much more!
► Episode Chapters
00:00 – Intro
01:28 – Overview and Build Quality
11:26 – The Screen and Display Modes
24:27 – Frame Blending
27:45 – IPS Screen Mods Revisited
31:53 – Screen Conclusions
35:00 – Audio Reproduction
39:18 – Analogue Dock
42:02 – Compatibility and Other Features
52:53 – Conclusion

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Analogue Pocket DF Retro Review: The Ultimate Retro Handheld?

The Analogue Pocket aims to bring us the definitive handheld experience for classic gaming, combining FPGA-based emulation with a simply sensational, state-of-the-art LCD display. The pedigree of Analogue is beyond doubt, but does the Pocket and its dock truly deliver the final word in handheld retro gaming?

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Analogue Pocket Review

The Analogue Pocket solves the limitations of Game Boy, Game Boy Advance, and other handhelds of yore, and it does so with a familiar but distinct style you don’t find with emulation-based solutions. It’s the best possible way to enjoy your handheld gaming collection.

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Analogue Pocket – is this $$$ Game Boy clone worth it?!

Review of the Analogue Pocket handheld, a Game Boy, GBC and GBA FPGA based clone system. But is it worth the $220? Info:


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** DISCLAIMER: Analogue provided the unit for review, but all of the opinions are my own **