Hellboy’s Ending and Post Credits Scenes, Explained

The final three scenes of Hellboy tease even more BPRD characters.

Hellboy: End Credits Scene 2019 (David Harbour, Milla Jovovich)

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Hellboy post credit scene explained: Koshchei

Phill goes over who the baba yaga is talking to at the end of Hellboy

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The Ending Of Hellboy Explained

Fans of Guillermo Del Toro’s Hellboy films were hesitant when it was announced that the series would be rebooted before Del Toro could finish his trilogy. However, the announcement of David Harbour in the title role and a hard-R rating did mean that many were willing to give it a chance.

Ultimately, many were left confused at how much the film tried to pack into its short runtime, and some bemoaned the fact that it sacrificed storytelling in the name of gore. We’ve done our best to understand it all, so let’s take a look at the explanation of the ending of Hellboy.

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Hellboy in a nutshell | 0:00
Caught between two worlds | 1:16
What is that fish tank? | 2:05
Hellboy’s ghostly rendezvous | 3:06
Visiting Baba Yaga | 3:52

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Hellboy (2019) Ending and Both Post-Credit Scenes Explained

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Todays video is going to focus on the ending to 2019 Hellboy film. This ending of the film is a bit confusing and doesn’t make a lot of sense as to the motivations of the characters, and why things occur.

I will also cover the multiple post credit secret scenes. The ending of the film already gives away that if there is a sequel to Hellboy, it will feature fan-favorite Abe Sapien.

The two post credits scenes are fairly unique as well. The first secret scene features an interesting interaction between Hellboy and the ghost of Lobster Johnson. The second scene features Baba Yaga speaking with someone off camera that we do not see. That person is Kochchei the Deathless. Hope you enjoy the video, and if you do remember to like and subscribe.