Overland Review – Road Trip From Hell

Overland’s cleverly concise spin on turn-based strategy, along with its great sense of style, make for a rewarding, high-stakes game that’s easy to lose yourself in.

We Torture Test 3 Budget Off-Roaders in Moab & This One Is The Best! Cheap Jeep Challenge Ep.8

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Top Gear America Best America’s 4×4 Truck S01E09 – 2011.01.16

Overland – #1 – Tactical Road Trip

Dan is joined by game designer Geoffrey Card to have a look at tense survival strategy game Overland!

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Edited by Daniel Floyd

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The Burning Man They DON’T Want YOU To See! (RARE FOOTAGE)

Burning Man is an annual festival held in the Black Rock Desert on the barren playa in Nevada, claiming to be the world’s largest Leave No Trace event. For one week, 80,000 people gather to camp out and create an experimental city known as Black Rock City. Today, we travel to the location of Burning Man 2019 to conduct an investigation into what they leave behind. What we found was SHOCKING…

In this documentary, we cover the aftermath of the Burning Man festival: from around the area of Reno, Nevada to the environment around the Black Rock Desert, this is the impact of 80,000 people camping at Burning Man in the Nevada desert.