SimCity Societies Cheats For PC

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SimCity Societies – Evolution Video

Watch a city grow from a grass field to a metropolis

SimCity Societies – Romantic European

A romantic city a little like Paris

Let’s Play SimCity Societies – 1

More than just a city-building simulator, SimCity Societies puts you in the new role of social engineer. Mix and match six “social energies”—productivity, prosperity, creativity, spirituality, authority, and knowledge—to determine the core attributes that will be reflected in the infrastructure of your city as well as in its people. After you plant these seeds you’ll witness the evolution of your city as everything from its physical appearance to the sounds heard on its streets adapt to reflect these values.

SimCity Societies Destinations PC Gameplay

SimCity Societies is a city simulator released by Electronic Arts. SimCity Societies Destinations is an expansion pack for the base game SimCity Societies and was released in 2008.
This is played on PC on full hd resolution & settings.

Game Info:
SimCity Societies: Destinations is an expansion pack for SimCity Societies and was released in North America on June 23, 2008.
The main focus of SimCity Societies: Destinations is tourism, with new features that allow players to build tourist destinations. Destinations that can be created by the player include ski resorts, beach resorts, and theme parks. Air travel and water travel have also been introduced to the game, along with an improved map generator.

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