Sony PlayStation Classic Games List Confirmed

Here’s all the titles you’ll get included as part of Sony’s PlayStation Classic.

NEW PS Plus Overview: The Good And The Bad (Game Catalogue, PS1 and PSP Classics)

The new PlayStation Plus is officially here! (in Asia) So let’s check out the Deluxe tier catalogue and perks. There’s a wide range of PS4 and PS5 titles, that much was expected. But we’re gonna spend some extra time looking at the new lineup of PS1 and PSP Classics. There’s a lot of good stuff here, but unfortunately there’s some bad as well. You may have heard, the dreaded 50Hz PS1 games are back. I’m shocked, just shocked. Well, not that shocked.

Malaysia PS Plus Full Catalogue:

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0:00 – Intro
0:39 – Differences Between Asia PS Plus & Others
1:13 – Are Your Old Purchases Honored?
2:49 – Checking Out The New PS Plus Menu
4:19 – PS1, PS2, And PSP Catalogue
6:59 – All Games Included On Deluxe Tier
9:13 – What Games Have Trophies?
10:35 – Sony Is Using PAL PS1 Games Again
12:37 – Ape Escape Gameplay PS5 vs. PS3 Emulation
13:30 – Tekken 2 Gameplay PS5 vs. PS3 Emulation
14:45 – Syphon Filter Gameplay PS5 vs. PS3 Emulation
15:46 – Jumping Flash! Gameplay
16:19 – Emulation Quality So Far
16:57 – Wild Arms Gameplay

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Sony reveals the complete list of PlayStation Classic games | Engadget Today

‘Twisted Metal’ and others join known titles like ‘Final Fantasy VII.’

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New PlayStation Plus Games Revealed And Classic Games Confirmed So Far | GameSpot News

Sony reveals a list of games for new PlayStation Plus, Ubisoft+ is confirmed for PlayStation Plus, and MultiVersus reveals news characters and an open beta. 
#GamingNews #PS5 #PlayStationPlus

Today Sony confirmed a list of games that will be available as part of its overhauled PS Plus subscription service, which includes a selection of PS4 and PS5 titles for the PS Plus Extra and Premium tiers. Classic games from the original PlayStation and PSP will also be made available through a smaller library, which also includes a mix of first and third-party games. Ape Escape, Syphon Filter, and Wild Arms 3 are just some of the games joining the list, alongside Tekken 2 and several more. 

Ubisoft+ Classics is being bundled into the PS Plus Extra and Premium tiers. Ubisoft+ Classics will launch with 27 curated games on June 13 in the US. The standard version of Ubisoft+ will be added to PlayStation at a later date.

A new trailer for MultiVersus shows off new characters like Iron Giant and Taz as well as confirming an open beta coming in July 2022.

00:00 – Intro
00:05 – PlayStation Plus
01:51 – Ubisoft Plus
02:38 – MultiVersus

PlayStation Plus PS1/PS2/PSP Classic Games Emulators Tested – And They’re Not Good Enough

Part of PlayStation Plus’ revamp is the inclusion of PS1, PS2 and PSP titles running under emulation on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. So how good are the emulators, what extra features do you get, and what is the score with the inclusion of compromised 50Hz PAL versions? We gained access to the Asian PSN where the service has now fully launched – and John Linneman has this report.

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